Zulian Tjuatja


Currently residing in: London, GB

Major: Finance, BHP
Year: 2016

Current work: Capital One - Senior Business Analyst

Favorite ABSA Memory?

Oh, what an impossible question; there are just too many. First thing that comes to mind for me is watching one of my directors take the stage for his officer speech. There's nothing quite like seeing someone you care about have their own moment in the spotlight.

What advice would you give to students, knowing what you do now?
Go for it. Take risks. They turn your "what if" into "so what." It's always easier to justify to yourself why you made a mistake instead of why you missed out on an opportunity.

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Jackson Pei


From: Auckland, New Zealand

Currently residing in: New York, NY

Major: Finance
Minor: Accounting
Year: 2015

Current work: J.P. Morgan Associate - Middle Market Financial Sponsors Group - Covers private equity firms to provide banking needs for buy-outs, M&A, financing, business development, etc.

Tell us a little about yourself!
Candidly, I'm a few years out of college still trying to figure out what I want to do. Luckily, I'm working in a job that affords me exposure to various industries, builds my technical skills, and opportunities to broaden my network. Outside of work, I enjoy playing basketball and golfing.

What career advice would you give to ABSA student members that you wish you would have known or would give now based on your professional experiences you've gained?
Spend a little more time on figuring out your long term goals. Push yourself to discover whats important to you, whether its professional (consultant, controller, banker, specific industry focus, technical skills, etc.) or personal (move to new city, be closer to family, work life balance, learn something new, travel, etc) or something else (start a business). So if you ever feel complacent, you can come back to these broader goals and hopefully figure out the next step

What college advice would you give to ABSA student members looking back at your experiences?
1. Have more fun! 2. Keep in touch with a diverse group of college friends (classmates, organizations (not just ABSA lol), volunteering groups, gym buddies).

Describe some of your involvement and contributions while in ABSA.
Examples: Big sib, general member, team member, committee member - event and branch, director - branch, officer - branch
President, Internal VP, Workshop Director, and 1 general member!

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
10 year anniversary since moving to US. Spent a good amount of time in Houston, Austin, Chicago, and now I'll be in New York.

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