The Asian Business Students Association (ABSA) is an undergraduate professional organization founded in 1987 to help integrate Asian-American students intro mainstream corporate America. Though our original focus is on students of Asian heritage, we welcome all business-minded students! ABSA is founded on the three pillars of “professional, social, and philanthropic”.

  1. In the professional aspect, we form strategic partnerships with leading firms to provide our members with valuable knowledge about different industries and careers. In addition, we utilize our network of alumni, old members, and professional contacts to help our members gain valuable career-skills that will help them succeed.

  2. In the social aspect, ABSA strives to develop a close knit network of business-minded individuals through the Family Program, numerous socials, and networking with other members.

  3. In the philanthropic aspect, ABSA gives back to the local community by volunteering at numerous local events with difference organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Keep Austin Beautiful, Coats for Kids, and many others.

Why should I join ABSA?

There are many reasons to join ABSA that include a vast spectrum of interests. ABSA encompasses the activities of so many different types of organizations into one organization with an amazing group of people! Here are some examples of what ABSA has to offer:

  1. Career development: ABSA has partnerships with leading companies in addition to a vast network of alumni that can help you get where you want to go in your career

  2. Career/Academic/Life guidance: ABSA’s vast network of diverse upperclassmen members and alumni are an excellent resource for members to access

  3. Leadership: In choosing to lead in an organization repeatedly named the “Best Professional Organization” on campus by the UT Leadership and Ethics institute, you will develop skills transferable to all aspects of your future career. ABSA offers numerous Director and Committee positions for strong candidates!

  4. Friends: As one of the largest student organizations at the McCombs School of Business, you will make lifelong friends!

  5. Socials: As a member of ABSA, you will be able to attend free socials such as ice skating, bowling, potlucks, paintball, and more!

  6. Families: The ABSA Family Program provides you with a close group of friends in ABSA in addition to upperclassmen “Big Sibs”

  7. IM Sports: As a member of ABSA, you can play IM sports such as football, volleyball, soccer, and softball for free with ABSA

  8. Volunteering: ABSA gives back to the community in so many ways such as building houses, cleaning up streets, helping kids learn how to read, and many other large and small events in the local community. You will be able to give back in so many ways while doing so with fellow friends in ABSA!

When are ABSA meetings?

ABSA General Meetings are held every Thursday at 6:00PM at varied locations. Please see the Events page for more information.

What is the key to getting involved in ABSA?

Don’t just go to meetings! Sign up for events such as volunteering, socials, workshops, etc and go out to those events. Join an ABSA family (email Be outgoing and talk to the people there. Feel free to talk to the Officers and ask them questions. Be proactive and you will be involved in no time!

What if I’m not Asian and/or not in business?

That’s absolutely fine! We welcome students of all nationalities and all backgrounds. If you are not in business, ABSA still offers you tons of opportunities to get involved. First, as a professional organization, ABSA has the resources to help you get where you want to go in your career. From resume help, interviewing tips, career search advice, to anything else, ABSA can help you achieve your career goals.

Most importantly, ABSA is not just about business: ABSA is about its members! ABSA members are an amazing network of different personalities, backgrounds, majors, countries, etc. that can really be your home within the vast UT student body.

When and how can I join ABSA?

You can join ABSA and pay dues at ANYTIME! Just contact the Financial VP at or stop by one of our meetings and ask to speak with an Officer (Every Thursday at 6:00PM). Dues can be also paid by Venmo (@TexasABSA) or in the Store.

Membership Dues for Spring 2019 are:

  • $50 for new members

  • $40 for 1st year returning

  • $30 for 2nd year returning

  • $20 for 3rd+ year returning