george zhang


Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Year: 3rd

1. Why did you join ABSA?

I originally joined ABSA because I felt that it was the easiest way for a non-business major student like me to get resources, connections, and friends to support my interest in business subjects. I wanted to integrate the ingenuity of engineering and practicality of business in order to better serve those in need. I was very academically focused and really sought out the club for professional experience. It also helped that many of my high school friends and a couple of engineering friends also went to the interest meetings; I felt I could settle and grow in the organization.

I want to highlight the reason I kept coming back because it extends far more than knowledge. I became invested in ABSA because of the people. I joined marketing team (M-Team, best team) my first year and became a corporate relations director in the second. In my two years, I met peers that were not only accomplished but also humble enough to genuinely want to grow together with me. I found true friends that were willing to hang out beyond the organization. I discovered mentors that inspired me to find opportunities. Knowing I could have gotten anywhere if I looked, a group of friends and family like ABSA was (for me) extremely hard to find.

Join ABSA for the experience, stay for the memories. It has been, for me, the best place to start my journey on campus.

2. What is your favorite ABSA memory?

I honestly have too many to pick favorites. The ABSA memories I treasure the most are the little surprises, from birthdays to various hangouts. One in recent memory was when we spontaneously decided to surprise our Executive VP for her birthday. After a heated discussion in our group chat, we decided we would drive to pick up cake and present past midnight and drive to her apartment. With some help, we were able to bring the cake to her room for the surprise. In midst of good-natured complaining, sleepiness, and laughter, I felt the warmth of our friendship; I loved these moments.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the University of Texas at Austin?

I think one of the best things about UT is the school’s openness to freedom of expression. UT offers a relatively safe environment for different voices to be heard and a multitude of organizations to plug into if interested. This diversity promotes learning about different cultures and empathy towards differences. Past two years, I’ve always enjoyed the freedom to be able to find someone or a group to talk to without judgment.

4. If you could give one piece of advice to your freshman self, what would it be?

Take advice from those with more experience; don’t take it as orders but more like suggestions that may apply to you. Generally, my advice would be to invest in your learning and take interest in what you do. Don’t worry about whether that is the thing you are going to end up doing; you’ll waste time thinking about it. As long as you are passionate about the actions you are taking then boldly take those steps, just make sure you are heading in the general direction you want. I’ve wasted too much time thinking, doubting, and wanting; I’ve realized I just need to apply the right strategies and work hard.

5. What is your dream job? Where do you see yourself in five years?

I want to be Iron Man. Jk. No, realistically, in five years, I want to be working towards artificial intelligence-related projects, particularly algorithms that may affect daily life and appliances and JARVIS. Basically Iron Man.

6. What’s your favorite TV Show/Movie/etc?

Kimi No Na Wa. The office. Mostly like action and comedy and scary (only if you invite me) movies.

7. What is one thing that you love about yourself?

I’ve always had a naturally agreeable personality and am much more likely to talk out and analyze issues. This makes me genuinely interested in other people and helps me to be compassionate. I’m also loyal and willing to invest in relationships. Always down to meet up or talk.

8. Name the top five things on your bucket list

  1. Visit Europe and its beautiful beaches like Navagio

  2. Hike the Appalachian trail

  3. Travel/start my own travel journal

  4. Own more corgis than I can handle :P

  5. Minister in a foreign country with a team