raymond li


Hometown: Coppell, Texas
Major: Management Information Systems
Year: 2nd

1. Why did you join ABSA?

When I first came to UT, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. While many seemingly had their entire four years of college planned out, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do during that first week. I wasn’t tabled to by many orgs, and I only visited a couple. However, after my roommate recommended that I go check out ABSA, I fell in love only after the first GM and the rest of my ABSA story blossomed from there. So in retrospect, I really did join ABSA on a whim.

2. What is your favorite ABSA memory?

One of the main reasons why I joined ABSA was so that I wouldn’t have to pay for IM sports that I did. But who knew that playing basketball with ABSA would help form some of the deepest relationships I have today? Through all of the best wins and even the toughest losses, I was able to become closer with my teammates. In fact, I met some of my closest friends at college through playing ABSA basketball.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the University of Texas at Austin?

There are many things that I value about college and the University of Texas (they don’t call it the best four years of your life for nothing.) However, the best (and also the worst) thing about college is your freedom. Having the freedom to do what you want really builds you as a person, as it helps improve time management skills and helps you realize where your priorities should lay.

4. If you could give one piece of advice to your freshman self, what would it be?

Don’t “stay” in high school. College is all about meeting new people and expanding your network. While you shouldn’t completely forget about your high school friends, college is the best time to meet new people.

5. What is your dream job?

This is pretty lame, but the dream job doesn’t really exist for me. My dream job would be to have no job and still get money, but that’s practically impossible. So in terms of my career goals, I would really like to explore the field of consulting, specifically, technical consulting. I am also interested in data analytics, which is a field I would also seriously consider. Outside of the business world, I would really love to fly airplanes (childhood dream job).

6. What’s your favorite TV Show/Movie/etc?

The Dark Knight. There’s a reason why I’ve seen it more than 10 times.

7. What is one thing that you love about yourself?

Recognizing my weaknesses. Knowing my weaknesses has helped me grow so much throughout my college life. There have been many times when I have done things wrong, but learning from those mistakes has helped me forget about them and strengthen myself as a person. This has been important to me in college, and I feel that it will be even more essential in life after college.

8.  Name the top five things on your bucket list

(in no particular order of importance)

  1. Skydive

  2. Getting good at fishing?

  3. Becoming a master griller

  4. Get a boating license

  5. Get an airplane license

  6. Scuba license

  7. Pay back all the money my parents have spent on me (o.0 rip bank account)